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About Iftar box

iftar box

As the sun sets, the ceremonious sounds of the traditional cannon roar is an eagerly welcomed invitation to the joyous meal of Iftar – a time when family and friends celebrate the special season of Ramadan together. And being the daily event of such paramount spiritual and physical significance, it becomes even more important to enjoy these meals and maintaining a healthy balance.

With such an assortment of delicious food available for you and your family/friends, to choose from, we will assure that this journey for you will surely be a pleasant, healthy trip. And with one click at our Iftar Box this Ramadan, you now hold the key to a tasty & nutritious diet.

We believe our placement is not just a product, but an endeavor to be a part of your family. Our attempt to become a part of your family meal, every Iftar.

iftar box